Fractional Shares of SpaceX

Industry: Aerospace  |  Founded: 2002  |  Valuation: $46B

SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft. The company was founded in 2002 to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.

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Benefits of USPX

Invest in successful companies before they do IPO

Equity of successful companies is difficult to find, and the offerings are not available to everyone. Our fund structure allows a much broader audience to participate while staying in compliance with securities laws, enabling investors to invest in the pre-IPO company before it goes public.

Better liquidity for private equity

Private equity is known for lack of liquidity. Depending on the size of the company, it usually takes weeks to months to sell. We decrease minimal transaction time from weeks to minutes by making it digital and listing it on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Smaller minimums

A typical investment minimum for a Pre-IPO company is ranging between $25,000 and $200,000. We decrease it to $100 using the advances of blockchain technology, thus enabling broader financial inclusion and better democratization of investment opportunities.

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Please note that Orderbook and Raison support different payment methods, so you should review the payment methods available on each platform before selecting which platform to use for the purchase of tokens.

USPX fractional shares are available on the Orderbook platform for your region.

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USPX fractional shares are available on the Raison platform for your region.
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Lead investors

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USPX token provides economic benefits of owning SpaceX shares.

Unicorn Tokenization Corp is a fund that buys economic rights for shares of SpaceX on the secondary market from current shareholders. The token represents a share in this fund. The fund is set up in such a way that token holders will get financial returns, equivalent to what owners of the shares get, minus certain applicable fees and expenses. Thanks to the efficiency of the blockchain, USPX token holders can enjoy instant liquidity - the tokens can be sold at any time at multiple cryptocurrency exchanges. Every time SpaceX valuation increases, the price of the token will go up, proportionally to the value of the underlying shares. Once SpaceX goes public, the fund will sell underlying shares and distribute proceeds among token holder cryptocurrency wallets.

This is as close as we can get to having SpaceX on blockchain today, but Ambisafe is committed to moving the actual shares of other companies to the blockchain in the near future.

* Tokens are sold only to purchasers located outside of the USA, EU, and other restricted countries. All tokens are sold to eligible purchasers in accordance with the securities laws in a purchaser’s home country.

** Token holders are not shareholders of SpaceX and do not get any voting or information rights from SpaceX.

About us

One of the oldest companies in blockchain industry. Trusted by 100+ issuers and hundreds of thousands of investors.

Non-custodial security token trading platform.

Licensed investment manager. Responsible for the management of the UTC fund in accordance with the Offering Memorandum.

Legal partner, specializing in blockchain & securities law.



  1. What is a fractional share?

    Fractional share is a legal contract, granting its holder economic rights in the underlying stock. There are many ways to structure it. In the case of USPX, it's a share in a fund that holds the actual shares of SpaceX. The number of USPX shares is 10x greater than the number of underlying SpaceX shares; therefore 1 USPX share corresponds proportionally to 1/10 of SpaceX share, this is why it's called fractional. We use Public Ethereum Blockchain as a ledger for USPX shares: the contract is signed digitally, and contractual rights are also transferred digitally, via electronic transactions in the blockchain database.

  2. What is the value of the fractional share?

    Token represents a share in a fund that owns an economic interest in the shares of SpaceX. One token represents fractional share ownership with ratio 1:10 (10 tokens = economic interest in 1 share).

  3. Who can buy the fractional shares?

    Investors globally, based on applicable securities law in each jurisdiction. We are currently not servicing the United States, Japan, Singapore and Switzerland. If you are a citizen/resident of another country, you need to pass KYC and AML check.

  4. Is SpaceX issuing new shares for this sale? Does the money go to SpaceX?

    The fund created by Ambisafe and their partner is purchasing existing private shares of SpaceX on the secondary market. A token represents a share in the fund that owns the SpaceX shares and/or a derivative instrument in the SpaceX shares. SpaceX shares are currently restricted securities, meaning that they cannot be purchased on public exchanges such as NASDAQ or the NYSE.

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